100% Curbside Recyclable

Coming in Winter 2020
Curbside Recyclable Packaging

TempGuard Insulated Liners-100% recyclable

  • TempGuard liners are reusable and 100% curbside recyclable.
  • They’re made from durable 50-lb. Kraft paper, with uniform inner padding composed of 100% recycled paper fibers, including 25% post-consumer content.
  • TempGuard is an all-paper, curbside-recyclable solution that provides thermal protection tailored to meet individual customer needs,” The liners protect products from both heat and breakage. They provide more than 48 hours of insulation for perishable items, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products, creating a stable thermal environment from the warehouse to the goods’ final destination.
  • TempGuard liners have a (thermal-resistance) R-value of 3.70 per inch, which is similar to that of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and better than that of polyethylene (PE) foam. As an added benefit, the liners absorb condensation inside the packed box, which helps keep products dry. Because the liners are cushioned, they protect products from impact during shipping and handling. They are also flexible and can be wrapped around box contents to reduce movement inside the box during distribution.
  • The liners are stored and shipped flat, providing space efficiencies versus foam coolers. According to Sealed Air, space efficiency increases 400% with the liners versus unibody EPS or polyurethane (PU) coolers. Packing more liners into every truck reduces carbon footprint, and the flat format provides packagers with reduced freight and warehousing costs.



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