Shockwatch L35 Orange 75G
 [ Model SHWT75 ]


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Shockwatch 75G
Orange label
50 labels per box

Suggested use: Sturdy Electronics
Detect and record impact or mishandling during transit or storage

MrBox Q &A:

Q:What does the 'G' stand for?
:Each Shockwatch has a "minimum G" threshold that must be exceeded before a Shockwatch will activate. You can determine this "minimum" G for each Shockwatch by looking at the shock curves. It is the left most "G-level" value on the curve. It is the "G-value" where the shock curve intercepts, or runs into, the left acceleration scale. If this "minimum G" is not exceeded, regardless of the duration or the Delta V, the Shockwatch will not activate.

Q:Where do I place the label?
A:The correct placement of a Shockwatch is paramount to achieve proper Shockwatch operation. A Shockwatch placed in the wrong position on a package can alter that Shockwatch's response characteristics and cause erratic results. (See Diagram)

Q:Where do I stick my label?
A:Mmmm, that's a good question!  Please follow these instructions for sticking your label:
Whenever possible, the Shockwatch should be placed on as rigid an area as possible. The reason for this is that if the surface to which the Shockwatch is attached is flexible, or can flex, it will dissipate an indeterminate amount of shock. The selection guide for Shockwatch is based on the assumption that the Shockwatch is placed on a package at a position that has minimal flex. If a Shockwatch is placed in a non-rigid position, its activation response will not correlate with the selection guide.

Typically, the most rigid area of a container (box) is at or near a corner. The most flexible area of a container in the center of a side. To prove this to yourself, press against the center of one side of a corrugated container. You will see that it easily gives way and flexes. Now, press against that same side but at a point near the junction of that side with one of the other sides (corner). You will see that there is considerably less flex.

Use this handy guide to decide which Shockwatch label is right for your package:

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