Rubberbands-25 lb. boxes


How do you measure a rubber band?

Rubber bands are produced by extruding continuous lengths of rubber tubing which is then fed through a high speed cutter and cut into rubber bands.

MrBoxOnline uses three measurements to define the dimensions of a rubber band:

  1. Flat Length - Pinch the two ends of the band together and lay on a flat surface.  The measurement from end to end equals the flat length. (If you were to cut one end of the band and unfold it, the flat length would be approximately half the overall length)
  2. Cut Width - With the band laying flat, this would be measured across the band perpendicular to the flat length
  3. Wall Thickness - Refers to the thickness of the wall of the extruded rubber tube.

    Thickness range from 1/32" to 3/32".

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