Plastic Chest Insulated Containers


Highly Efficient Insulated Containers

Store and Transport Perishables and Dry Ice

  • Extremely tight lid/container seal to maintain temperatures, reduce distribution costs and optimize shipping efficiency
  • Stackable two container high-with or without lid
  • Tapered legs prevent fork entry damage to pallet base
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene construction meets FDQA, USDA and HPB requirements
  • CFC-free polyurethan insulation 

Distribution and Special Events

In Transit...
With an upright or chest style container, a wide variety or frozen and perishable items can be transported such as:

•Ice Cream
•Frozen Food

In The Store...
At the supermarket level, insulated containers are used to store, transport, and re-stock shelves with temperature sensitive products. Because personnel are not always able to take delivery from the warehouse and immediately unload into the proper freezer or cooler, insulated containers provide the medium to keep products at the proper temperature for extended periods of time.


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