PaperPlus from Storopack


Environmentally Responsible Void Fill Cushioning System PAPERplus by Storopack.

The System
An environmentally responsible alternative to traditional bubble and foam wrap. The patented PAPERplus system from Storopack fashions two sheets of kraft paper into a protective mattress, that is used to secure products during shipping. Upon removal, the PAPERplus material can be reused or recycled.

The Mattress
The pliability or rigidity of the mattress can be varied based on the basic weight of the paper. The highly adaptable PAPERplus system can provide cushioning for a wide range of products, from fragile glassware and precision electronics to heavier, less fragile machinery and automotive spare parts.

The Operation
The PAPERplus? system is easy to learn and can be adjusted for manual, automatic, foot pedal or special mode operations. The system requires only 10 square feet of floor space and a 110 volt outlet. Plus, you don't need to make a large capital investment to reap all of the benefits of the PAPERplus system, as the system is rented.

Paper Strengths Available
Choose the appropriate paper grade to meet your packaging requirements. Storopack offers two basic weight papers, both 29 1/2 inches wide and 900 or 1350 foot long rolls. 

30 pound basis weight 
43 pound basis weight.

A 900 foot roll equals approximately 110 cubic feet of packaging volume. One pallet load of 900 foot rolls equals 1300 cubic feet of packaging volume.

You can use PAPERplus to pack products in a variety of ways. The system allows you to output lengths starting at 6 inches for small items, or longer lengths as required, to shape and fit the item being packed.
Reliable Protection
PAPERplus is lightweight yet provides optimal protection against shock, breakage and deformation. It also resists tearing and perforation, ensuring that packed items will remain in place.

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