Utek Ice Blankets

The look and feel of ice without the wet mess


  • Remains frozen longer than regular ice without the melting mess
  • Single packets for use as a crushed ice substitute
  • Cushions fragile shipments; won't dilute or damage goods
  • May be frozen and reused, withstands pressures of 60 pounds per square inch for five minutes or longer
  • Unaffected by biocides, fungicides, and pest control agents
  • Patented refrigerant contains neutral pH distilled or deionized water and proprietary materials certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as food grade chemicals
  • U-tek® -1°C/+30°F singles is a phase change formula that is ideal for porducts that must be refrigerated
  • U-tek® singles are reusable and less messy than wet ice

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