Geami WrapPak HV Portable Work Station

  • Sold in Quantities of 1 unit (s)

Geami WrapPak is the combination of a patented die cut kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The Geami WrapPak High Volume (HV) converter expands the die cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique wrapping product. By locking the angled cells together, items are firmly wrapped and no tape is needed. The converter can be placed at any packing station where individual items are packed using a protective wrap

  • Wrap your products with Geami WrapPak for protection, while enhancing the customer's unpacking experience.
  • WrapPak is a cost-effective, attractive, efficient and eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, plastic and foam sheets.


  • Perfect for fragile items
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Made in the USA
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Length:450'

Good for:

  • Highly suitable for smaller environments needing occasional packing.
  • Examples include retail outlets, e-commerce startups and small warehouses.
  • Offers low upfront investment, a lightweight box, easy installation, and a disposable solution.

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