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April 2015

Dear Rebecca:

Thank you so much for patiently helping me place an order for one styrofoam box. I received the box today, although I had to pick it up from the yard of my neighbors who live across the street from me. It's very windy today.

Although it turned out to be an expensive purchase on account of the shipping charges, I couldn't complain. Your website is very well designed and consumer friendly. The shipping information as to the applicable dimensional weight of the box is very helpful.

I wish you all a nice spring.



September, 2012

Hey Joyce,

I wanted say thanks for all the efforts that Rebecca and you took to ensure a smooth delivery to my front door. I was beyond satisfied with how everything was handled and wanted to thank you for the hard work that you guys did to ensure this delivery. As you may or may not know, I am in the service based industry entirely. We sell live adult butterflies for release at weddings and events. They are of course fragile and perishable insects, but we have perfected a shipping method in our industry. Our customers depend on my company (Butterfly Releases by S) during some of the most life-changing events they will ever encounter, such as an overnight delivery of butterflies for a wedding, a funeral or a celebration of life. We ship nearly 2000 overnight packages a year for releases. That is what we do, and our dependability and reputation is built upon some of the most momentous and sensitive occasions people will ever have.

I am sharing this with you not to brag about my own company, but rather to tell you how absolutely relieved I am when I work with your company, and in particular you. I depend upon my suppliers and my employees, just as much as the Wedding Couple depends on Butterfly Releases by S. I always want to hear customer feedback on my end, and I know that it’s no different in your industry. 

You and your company's personal attention to service are exceptional in this shipping world. This includes everyone I have worked with at A&M over the past few years. I have been in the butterfly industry for about 10 years now (under 2 separate companies, 1 during college, sold it, and did 2 years of consulting for another butterfly company, then started my own back up now). I have used your company more than you probably realize over the years, from when I used to own Renaissance Butterflies in Gainesville, to the companies I consulted and gave shipping recommendations to and the past 3-4 years with my current butterfly venture. I have also used ULine, Texas Foam, and a few others I probably tried and will never use again.

With you and A&M I have never worked with a more competent team of people before. Truthfully, I was pacing waiting for something to go wrong with this shipment; a repeat of the previous incident. But everything went perfect and according to plan. I rarely get Freight shipments due to the fact that I am in an apartment. We are growing and maybe next year we can have an actual retail location. But this has always hindered our business from being able to take full advantage of what a small business would normally get. You have gained yourself one extremely satisfied and loyal customer, who will be purchasing all coolers through your company in the future. Please thank Rebecca for her excellent customer service and attention to detail. And thank you as well, Joyce.

I will be contacting you on Tuesday to schedule another delivery of coolers.


Max Sandberg
Office: (407) 517-4826
Fax: (561) 807-7210

Members of:
IBBA (International Butterfly Breeders Association)
AFB (Association for Butterflies)
Better Business Bureau

September, 2012

"You guys are awesome.  I will recommend you guys and DEFINITELY order from you again."

Glen Miller