Custom Printed Tape


Printed packaging tape is perfect for highlighting company names, company logos, product lines, or website addresses from the time a package leaves your facility until it reaches the consumer.

We can design and create custom printed tape for your specific needs. Printed tape can instantly identify cartons requiring special handling or storage. Messages aid the consumer and safeguard merchandise during transit.

We offer a large selection of printed shipping tapes in assorted materials and thickness. Our packaging tape is available with one, two, or three color printing.

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Printed Box Tape

Available with single and multi-color printing on polypropylene film. This product fits in standard hand held tape guns. It is available in 2" and 3" widths and several lengths.

This product is available in three different strengths.

  • Standard Duty Perfect for 10lb. to 30lb. boxes.
  • Medium Duty Extra hold for heavier 30lb. to 60lb. boxes.
  • Heavy Duty Rip resistant tape for 40lb. to 80lb. boxes.
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