100% Curbside Recyclable


Curbside Cooler Boxes

Patented certified curbside recyclable thermal shipping liners.

  • Made entirely of post industrial paper products, our 2 piece liners are not only fully curbside recyclable but also fully repulpable.
  • R-Value: The fiber insulation provides a proven R Value of 6 to keep temperature controlled products safe during transit.
  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Ships and stores flat in your packaging area.


  • 2 Piece Paper Inserts per box is recyclable and repulpable made with pre-consumer paper insulation.
  • Best suited for applications where temperature control is critical during transportation.
  • Paper material can be discarded in the curbside recycle bins alongwith the cardboard shipping box.
  • Can be used with either frozen gel packs or dry ice
  • Each pad is 1-1/2" thick
  • Minimums apply
  • Pads ship to you in bulk bins. Boxes are shipped alongwith the pads.

Easy to assembly!
7 easy steps!


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