Paper Shred 1/20 VeryFine Cut shred

Paint the perfect present.

It's your palette, your personal art supply store and your toolbox. It's VeryFine Cut™ shred, and you can use it to create your art in gift packaging and product displays. VeryFine Cut™ shred comes in a wide variety of colors and styles: Paper, PreciousMetal™, Cello, Monochromatic™ Blends, Silver Blends™, Golden Blends™, and DiamondCut™ Blends. You can even have us mix colors to make your own custom blends. So go ahead, use VeryFine Cut™ shred to paint the perfect present, no brush required.

All Crinkle Cut, VeryFine, PaperShred and SilverBlends are now manufactured with 100% recycled paper!
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