Container Desiccants


What's the purpose of using Desiccants in Cargo containers?

To eliminate mold, corrosion, mildew, spoilage, warping, and other harmful effects of moisture during shipping via container, rail, barge or truck.

I ship containers overseas, tell me more!

Container Dri®II is a line of specially designed cargo desiccants aimed at protecting cargo during shipping by aggresively absorbing moisture from the air. In doing so, Container Dri II reduces dew point temperature (the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing “container rain”), keeping cargo safe and dry. The Container Dri II line includes several configurations to best fit different needs and modes of transport.

Why should I use it?

Container Dri II absorbs up to three times its weight in moisture, and through an advanced formula, traps it as a thick, no-spill gel. Container Dri II has the ability to protect shipments from start to finish, through all temperature ranges and relative humidity variances, and continues to reduce the relative humidity down to levels below 40 percent RH, which decreases the dew point temperature even further.


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