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Better Pack Manual 333 Plus Kraft Tape Dispenser

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Most popular manual water activated tape dispenser in the world!

  • Rugged steel side frames ensure long life.
  • Hardened guillotine cutting blades eliminate tearing action found on competitive models.
  • Water brush system ensures uniform wetting.
  • Easy pull handle dispenses up to 30" (76cm); repeat strokes provide longer lengths.
  • For nonreinforced or reinforced tape 1-1/2 to 3" (4-7cm) wide. 

When should you consider upgrading to the Better Pack 333?

• If you are sealing between 1 and 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift
• If you have multiple packing stations without access to electricity
• If you have a need to move the tape dispenser between various locations

BETTER PACK SPECS.pdf (195.77 Kb)


  • Dispenses up to 30" (76 cm) of tape with one stroke - more with multiple strokes.
  • Simple tape length settings.
  • Two water brushes for uniform wetting.
  • Guillotine sheer blades for clean cutting.
  • Rugged steel side-frame construction.
  • Large water reservoir.
  • Handles both reinforced and paper tapes - from 1 1/2" to 3" wide (4-7cm).
  • Mechanically superior design.
  • Easy to move from one packing line to another.
  • Economically priced and it's a great step up from tape guns.
  • Warranty:2 years - Parts: 6 months - Labor
  • Made in USA

The BP333 Plus is the perfect machine for the medium to light volume packing line. Companies and government agencies around the world have chosen this rugged and easy-to-use manual water-activated paper tape dispenser over any other brand to solve their carton sealing needs. The Better Pack 333 Plus kraft paper tape dispenser is built to last and is engineered to provide many years of consistent, reliable performance.

Parts List:
BETTER PACK 333 SCHEMATICS.pdf (864.81 Kb) or check out this website

Some maintenance tips to make lengthen life of your Better Pack 333 machine:

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Better Packages tape dispensers and systems require minimal preventive maintenance and care. However the water activated tape used in tape dispensers produces a "dust" that if not removed periodically may reduce the performance of the unit.

  • Minimal lubrication is required for the cutting blades. Oiling these blades lightly on a monthly basis will greatly extend the life and performance of the blades.
  • Weekly washing of the water brushes will assure the most effective reactivation of the adhesive on the tape. On reinforced tape the adhesives are heavier, and during dispensing some of this wipes off on the brushes and runs into the water tank.

Scheduled Maintenance:

‚ÄčClean any accumulated tape dust with a dry brush or blower.

  • Wash water tank with mild soap; rinse well.
  • Clean accumulated glue from blades.
  • Apply light coating of light machine oil to back of blade.
  • Thoroughly clean all accumulated pieces of tape, tape dust and any other foreign material from inside of machine with dry brush or blower.
  • Clean bottom of heaters and pressure plates of accumulated glue.
  • Oil upper and lower blades lightly with light machine oil.
  • Clean all covers with a damp rag.
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