Antistatic Tape


3M™ Antistatic Utility Tape

3M Antistatic Utility Tape 40 combines 3M’s remarkable antistaticadhesive with a clear, one mil polyester film backing, and is perfect for use in static-sensitive areas. An optional special pattern of ESD symbols alerts users that this is the only tape that should be used in static-safe areas. At the heart of all 3M antistatic tapes is a unique conductive polymer adhesive that suppresses static, both during unwind from the roll and during removal from a surface. They generate less than 50 volts on unwind from the roll or removal from a stainless steel surface, even in extremely dry conditions of 10% relative humidity. Use Antistatic Utility Tape 40 as a third hand to hold work orders, notes, documentation, or instructions in place; to seal static shielding bags and boxes containing electronic components; or to bundle DIP tubes and JEDEC shipping trays. It can also be used to hold down obstructions such as wires or attachments during manufacturing.


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