Bubble On Demand doesn't get any better than this!

Bubble cushioning made at the touch of a button! 

(Technical stuff, but really important!)


  • Highly flexible system produces bubbles and tubes on-demand for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications
  • Compact, all-electric system that is easy to set-up and simple to operate
  • Biodegradable* materials feed from a high-yield box
  • EZ-Tear™ perforations for easier separation and less product waste
  • Tabletop, all-electric system operates at 65 feet per minute and combines with a variety of accessories, making it ideal for any sized pack station
  • Easy to use operator controls are regulated through intelligent design, managing heat, air and speed for consistent fill level and seal quality
  • Quiet operation. The end result is a beautiful honeycomb pad that ready for your cardboard box.

Call us now for more information. Call Jeff at (800) 231-8806 ext. 120 or send him a quick email Remember, your warehouse doesn't have to be overrun by bundles of bubble wrap. Let our FastWrap save you space and money!


What are the benefits of FastWrap bubble versus regular Bubble Wrap?

  1. One box of FastWrap equals 2 bundles of 48"x250' cushioning. 
  2. Diminished storage cost: No need to keep bundles of bubble on the floor. Make what you need!
  3. Channel-filled, honeycomb bubble pattern enables multi-directional wrapping
  4. Perforated every 10" to make sheets that are 12"x10"
  5. 3/4" Size bubble!

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