AIRmove®: Make your own bubble cushioning



A combination of void fill and cushioning all-in-one.

All the advantages at a glance

Make your own bubble wrap - faster, more versatile, easy to use 
With large 1" bubbles, it can be used for multiple applications. This can replace the loosefill, paper and packing peanuts that you use!  

• Space-saving, produce what you need on demand
• Film is recycable, low waste
• Strong and Durable
• No need to keep those large rolls of bubble wrap in stock

Whether large, fragile or heavy, any product can be packed - quickly and safely

  • Forget cumbersome handling with loose fill or packing paper
  • Only one product is needed to provide both protection and padding
  • Save time, reduce stress by using this simple method
  • Gain more space and convenience
  • AIRmove® is ready to use immediately


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