8x10 Pink Anti Static Reclosable Bag 4 Mil
 [ Model FASST40810 ]

  • Sold in Quantities of 1 unit (s)

8"x10" Pink Anti Static Seal Top Bag 4 Mil
1000 bags per case


  • Pink Anti-Static seal top bags are excellent for protective storage of sensitive electronic components that must be accessed multiple times. 
  • The pink anti-static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing and shipping. 
  • It has a surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/ and is amine-free, so it won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards. Pink Anti-Static material is an excellent choice when static control is necessary but Faraday Cage Protection is NOT required. 
  • Effectively eliminates the hazard of static damage to sensitive electronic components during packaging, storing and shipping 
  • Convenient seal top closure Amine free
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