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Top » Catalog » Styrofoam Coolers
Styrofoam Cooler Boxes: Insulated Foam Cooler Boxes Styrofoam Coolers


Stock Foam Cooler boxes

MrBoxonline.com is ranked #1 for the largest variety of pre-packed foam coolers!


26 Stock Cooler sizes to choose from!



  • Thicker the wall=Longer chill time: Most of our coolers have a 1-1/2" wall coolers which will provide at least 48 hours of chill time during transit when used with our gel packs, moisture guards or cold bricks.
  • Meets the standard: Density of our foam is 1.20 PCF
  • No minimum to purchase: We build the cooler, so you can order what you need. 1 cooler or maybe, 1000?
  • Your budget comes first: Buy what you need.
  • It's a matter of convenience: All of coolers come pre-packed inside a strong shipping box.
  • Sturdy and verified: All of our coolers meet stringent manufacturing standards in the EPS foam industry. You can be assured that your product will not fail because our cooler didn't meet the standards set by USPS/UPS/FedEx ground.
  • We ship everywhere: Yeap. We ship nationwide, right to your doorstep, laboratory or loading dock. Inquire about special freight quotes for large shipments.




If you are buying foam coolers in bulk - you need to have the freight re quoted through our traffic department Please contact 800-231-8806 X101 - David Perlman or email: David@MrBoxOnline.com  for a rate through our national truck carriers. You will get a response within 24 hours. When buying in bulk, our foam coolers are stretch wrapped to a pallet. Please let us know if delivery will be to a residence or a commercially zoned business. Please include your city, state and zip code.


Need help configuring your foam cooler? Click on this PDF for more info:
foam cooler sizing mrboxonline.pdf (745.58 Kb

Stock sizes as of April, 2016
All of our 2-piece foam coolers are pre-packed inside a cardboard box
Click on the item# or size for more information!
26 sizes to choose from!

ITEM#/Quart Capacity Size:(Length x Width x Depth) Inside dimensions of cooler Wall thickness of cooler
Mini Foam-2 Quarts 6”x4.5”x4” 1"
Small-4 Quarts 8”x6”x4.25” 1.5"
Lil’ Cooler-6 Quarts 8”x6”x7 1.5"
Midgrade-8 Quarts 8”x6”x9 1.5"
Octo-8 Quarts  8"x8"x8" 1.5"
27046-10 Quarts 8"x6"x12" 1.5"
27056-7 Quarts 9.5"x7.5"x5.5" 3/4"
Fridge-13 Quarts 9.5”x7.5”x10.5” 3/4"
10x10x4 FOAM PIE 10"x10"x4" 1"
Medium-9 Quarts 10.5"x8.5"x6.25" 1.5"
27296A-12 Quarts 10.5"x8.5"x9.25" 1.5"
Small Steak-19 Quarts 12"x10"x9" 1.5"
27057-22 Quarts 12"x12"x9" 1.5"
Superior-31 Quarts 12.25”x12.25”x12” 1.5"
Fortis-19 Quarts 15.25”x9.5”x8.75” 7/8"
Large-27 Quarts 15.375”x9.5”x10.5” 1.5"
27106-31 Quarts 16”x13”x8.5” 1"
Husky-45 Quarts 16”x13”x12.5 1"
Titan-37 Quarts 17.5”x12.5”x10 1.5"
Grand-57 Quarts 20.5”x13.25”x12” 1.5"
Glacio-66 Quarts 20.5”x13.25”x14 1.5"
Small Salmon-20 Quarts 23”x10.25”x4.75” 1.5"
Large Salmon-30 Quarts 23”x10.25”x7.375” 1.5"
XLarge-78 Quarts 25.5”x14.5”x12.125 1"
#102-85 Quarts 29”x15”x12” 1.5"
'Tough Guy'-112 Quart 33"x16"x12.25" 1.5"


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